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Banned In China

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Obama Brighter Than the Sun, More Liberal Than Gene Debs

I have finally found my way. It now comes clearly to me that indeed Obama does know eleventy dozen chess and is so much brighter than I could ever hope to be. Obama does just know what he is doing and through his sparkling intelligence and brilliant wit has convinced me that he has managed to turn this country's corner (whatever that means).

He is just so awesome, ooooohhh.

By forcing us all to pay all our money to large corporations, for non usable insurance He will assure that soon we all will be on the welfare rolls and therefore, we will be living in a truly communist society, since no one but the wealthiest will have money. And since no one but the wealthiest will have money therefore money will have no meaning. Ergo it will be a truly communistic society.


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