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Friday, December 5, 2008

Uh Oh

So after running their companies into the ground, the automakers stand a few months at the most from collapse. If they collapse then their suppliers collapse and if their suppliers collapse then essentially the entire country collapses.

After rushing to save his buddies in the banking[?] and investment [?] industries[?] president low normal decides to do nothing for the millions who work with their hands. Of course, what the president wanted the Democrats gave without any oversight at all. Now the Democrats are whining about the auto makers and how they haven't been working intelligently within our capitalist system. Yet they rushed to throw money at the bankers, etc.

This would be very interesting if I wasn't looking at a nice bridge under which I and my family might live under if that all happens. That is to say, if is very interesting to read about the Great Depression because I wasn't around at that time. Collapses of various societies are probably more interesting to read about than to be involved in.

I would guess that most of the [not very] right wing are fairly sure of their jobs with the wing nut welfare and nepotism system. So they can afford to take the long view secure in their palaces. In the meantime those of us who work for a living are looking at real hard times.

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