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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Really Uh Oh

Brother was I right yesterday? Well according to Krugman we are on the way out of the auto business in this country. Good god. The kind of hole that will make in our economy, if true, will probably bring down this country economically. I was wondering a couple of years ago how long we could go on throwing money away the way we were on Iraq. Also, just thinking about how we throw money on military systems that we then have to pour twice as much into to get them to work. I figured we could do that for quite a while longer. Well, I guess the answer was we can't.

Really given the way we put our military on a pedestal and give them everything they want, I guess we can continue to do it if we just don't put our money into anything else like health care, or infrastructure.

REALLY BIG UPDATE: OK so I fell for it. I guess that I'm really so ready to figure that we're fucked that I'll believe anything. I guess it's the opposite of being a cock-eyed optimist.

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