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Friday, September 7, 2012

More Stuff

I was over at Tbogg's place to participate in the hooha about how Obama is apparently the best we can ever get.  Also don't forget that he really can't do anything more then he's done because this is the best of all possible democratic presidencies.  Also too, You Want A Sparkle Pony if you want Obama and the democrats to be anything other then Plutocrats (capitalized unlike republican or democrat, because it is a real political party).  Or perhaps Corporatist as Mussolini would have us call them.  Although Mussolini did provie the bread to the citizens to go along with the sale of the state to the Italian Corporations (I wonder if corporations are people in Italy, too).  That won't happen here.
Sorry Benito you are so yesterday.
( Spelled his name right after a couple of people helpfully pointed out that I am
 not a nice or intelligent person and I spell bad too.)

Crap, the people who back Obama seem to be unable to comprehend the idea that timing might indeed be everything. What could be done today is certainly a lot less then could have been done on January 25th 2009. What could have been done on January 25th 2009 was certainly a lot less then what might have been done if he had not personally voted for the various Bush bail outs of the banksters. Now the republicans are threatening to completely destroy Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and are running against a president who clearly only wants to gut Social Security, but wants to leave a kind of half dead carcase (I'd written this a couple of days ago, but apparently he made it clear last night, see Eschaton), but makes great promises, which it will be pointed out if he gets re-elected, I should not have believed, or perhaps just listened to the fine "print" more closely and so the fault is again, mine.  Mine because I didn't work hard enough at the local level, mine because I didn't work hard enough before the nominations (although had I done so and Obama lost, the fault would still be mine because I didn't work hard enough for the "centrist" candidate who could really win.

The argument that elections have consequences which is the one made by the in the bag for Obama sites to scare you into voting for Obama over Romney seems to ignore the corollary which is, or rather should be, governing has consequences, which it apparently does not at the level of president, not at least if the president is a democrat.

A busy year, made more busy since I appear to be the go to guy in my little county for defense of sex crimes, which is kind of creepy especially when it is combined as a couple of them with mental retardation (of the accused) and significantly under aged victims.  I do have a trial coming up which should be interesting, but which I can't really say much about until after the end of September, if then.


Cujo359 said...

I'm reminded what a depressing crowd of dipsticks FDL commenters can be around presidential election time. It's like whatever sense they have goes out the window.

I suppose that's what fear does to you.

Speaking of, I couldn't find any of your comments in that first TBogg link. Did they delete them?

lawguy said...

No second Tbogg link. I kind of deleated the first paragraph and then when I re-did it I put the links ass backwards.

lawguy said...

Which I did n't realized until you just pointed it out.