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Friday, September 7, 2012

I Think That We Just Need To Compromise Some More

Henry Clay, the (really) Great Compromiser
I thought about putting Obama's acceptance speech up, but then I thought fuck it.  If you want to see it you can go somewhere someone gives a shit.

I should also say that I suspect that if Romney wins, then the democrats will lurch to the right because that is obviously where the votes are.  On the other hand if Obama wins then expect the democrats to lurch to the right because that is obviously where the votes are.  Or at least that is what the "smart" money keeps telling me about where the votes are.  If Obama loses it will be my fault because I am a progressive and I didn't get out and work for him and said mean things about him.  Although I will not be as much at fault as Glenn Greenwald, because he says really mean things about Obama and more people read him (Krugman on the other hand is an economist who doesn't believe in austerity and so no body cares what he says). If I work for Obama and  Obama wins I will not have caused it or helped in any way.  He will have won because America is conservative and we (progressives/liberals) must understand that.

I think in all probability life will be worse under Romney for the next four years.  But to be honest I'm not sure that things will be that much different over the slightly longer haul if Obama wins.   All of the horrors people keep pointing out that will occur with another republican administration will probably happen anyway within ten or fifteen years even with a democrat in the White House.  Short, of course, of some cataclysm that we don't clearly foresee.

Now that Obama has made it clear that he still wants his Grand Bargain  no matter what (in the very same speech I said fuck it about up there a ways) we know that he really wants to cut Social Security, just probably not as much as Romney, well maybe not as much as Romney right at this minute.

One of the mantras of A.A. is:  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."  I tend to believe that there are many different versions of insanity, but I do think that is certainly one of them.  So Obama is begging the republicans to meet with him and compromise, not exactly a new idea for him.  And one that really hasn't worked at all no matter what his goal really was.  The guy must think that the 1840s and 50s were the most wonderful times ever in American political history will all those great compromisers, which I'm sure Obama would have participated in with gusto, except of course Obama wouldn't have been able to compromise at that time since he would have been chattel.  And incidentally none of the compromises did anything at all to change that fact, it was only those who would not compromise who could fix that little problem.

So anyway apparently Obama is insane, or perhaps I am if I work and vote for him again and expect him to do anything more then give shit away to his corporate buddies.

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