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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fantasy Land

OK so now I am thinking in a kind of follow up to what I posted yesterday, is what in the fuck are people on the right thinking?

I am continuously amazed at what people who call themselves republicans or conservative seem to believe.  Not so much: that Obama is not eligible to be president because he wasn't born in the United States, although that is kind of weird.

It is why are right wingers to pissed at him.  I had the same trouble with the republican hatred of Clinton and I still haven't been able to figure that out.  But I am told by people who are conservative (and some of whom are not stupid) that Obama is a socialist or communist.  I particularly like that he is one because of his mother although he was raised mostly by his grandmother, a bank vice-president.   My normal response is:  "You need to reread that definition in the dictionary if you think that he is a one of those."  Beyond just that are the attacks on him for cutting military spending and for abandoning Israel (neither of which he has done, of course).

It does not require a great deal of study or research to look and see that the facts are just the opposite of these claims.  One doesn't even have to jump into the Way Back Machine and go back  to either of the Bushs' presidencies or even the Gipper's to see these arguments aren't true.

I suppose I shouldn't knock the average American who thinks that it is necessary to cut government spending to cut the deficit, since apparently everybody in every government in every country in Europe also believes this, but still it is so very strange that they all seem to have forgotten the little period of history that started around 1929 and continued for some time thereafter.

I don't really think that the hatred of Obama is any more intense or nasty than that of the Clintons.  I haven't heard anyone saying that Obama himself loaded cocaine onto planes out of Illinois or that Michelle has had people killed because of........I can't really remember why Hilliary had people killed, not that it matters.  But still the irrational hate seems to be there.

It is not as if there aren't a lot of things to dislike about what Obama has done, still I guess if you attacked him for these things you couldn't attack him from the right, it would have to be from the left.  Still, it becomes a fantasy world of hate for the opponents.  Very strange.

Although it doesn't matter in the long term I guess it does make the end of the Roman republic and the battles among the would be rulers a little more comprehensible.  It is almost as though the fewer differences the more violent the battles for control of the lstate become.


Cujo359 said...

This is certainly one of the mysteries of our age. My guess is that there will be historians debating why this happened centuries from now. Obama has mostly done what conservatives wanted, yet, according to them, he's wrecking the country.

And yes, to a large extent you could say the same about Clinton. It's as though most people in America, whether they're progressive or conservative, have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to these matters.

lawguy said...

Try to comment again. I just realized that I've got two Google accounts and I keep tryingwith the wrong one.

At any rate, I've had a thought maybe it is just a kind of OSU can whip Michigan any time no matter what sort of thing.