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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spirituality or Whatever

Went to a Quaker meeting today. Got to thinking on my way over there and I realized that I have never felt the slightest spiritual nudge from any church service I have ever been to. I've gone to Catholic funerals, Baptist, Presbyterian, E.U.B., Lutheran, and Episcopalian services (and probably some others I've forgotten).

The closest I've ever come to a spiritual feeling was from the Hug O' Peace at a Christmas Episcopal service at one of the oldest continuously operating Episcopal churches in America (or so I was told) in Annapolis.

The Quaker meeting I sometimes attend normally has it's meetings on the college campus in a spare room. They are moving to the religious study house on campus. On the fifth Sunday of the months that have five Sundays, they have the meeting in an available room at a retirement and assisted living facility, Kendal that is connected with the Quakers. I've asked why not have all the meetings there, since there are always older folks at those meetings, but never at the regular meetings. I've wondered why we just don't see if we can have all our meetings at that place, but no one seems to want to do it. Scared of old people I guess. Not very Christian, I would think. Perhaps there is a reason.

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