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Banned In China

Friday, August 14, 2009


I am in the process of responding to this in our local paper. A protest outside of our local congress critter's office. No mention of the number, and the title Patriots Protest, is vile.

Even in this town there are a number of people who are on the side of health care reform as one can see in the comments. Even the guy I share office space with, who is a republican, is in favor of health care reform.

Still the number of people who are opposed to health care reform are amazing. The guy who signs all his stuff "Semper Fi." Is opposed, although he can get his stuff through the government through the VA amazes me.

"He earned it," they say. Except if he was drafted then he had not choice in the matter, so should people who were drafted get fewer benefits than those who volunteered? Or under those criteria, then children would not have the right to health care.

Or others who say that people in Canada and England don't like their health care system. Then fall silent when it is pointed out that these people have been ruled by conservative governments off and on for years and never tried to get rid of their socialized system.

Or those who argue that we don't want bureaucrats between us and our doctors, completely ignoring that that is what the insurance industry is and that the insurance industry has an economic reason to deny care.

It is whack a mole, except that these moles are just not very bright.

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