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Banned In China

Saturday, August 15, 2009


So a friend of ours has been diagnosed with cancer. She needs more tests and then the surgery. Unfortunately because of some bad choices a couple of years ago she does not currently have either a job or health insurance. Because of the cancer she can't get either a job or health insurance. Nor is she currently eligible for any kind of public assistance.

Her bad choices have been corrected, although I would think that would not matter. However, from a long discussion on the Zanesville Times Recorder yesterday, it appears that you must be both ill and moral enough to deserve treatment for a lot of the people in the discussion thread. If you are not really a good moral person, then apparently you must very rich. Because being rich is the equivalent of being moral. I guess you don't have to be both. Or maybe being rich means that you are moral decent and deserving.

At any rate she went to the doctor twice and told them her situation and they said no problem, as long as you are applying for assistance. So she gave them her first $100.00 (which she cannot afford) and then they changed their mind. She got to see the doctor, but then the office manager would not schedule the tests necessary to continue and do real treatment.

Let's be clear, she has known that she has had this cancer for a few months. She can get no help and she can get no treatment. Essentially, she is dying in the wealthiest and most advanced country in the history of the world, because we choose not to provide her with care.

And outside our congressman's office in my town people (poor and middle class people) protest the danger of government health care. What deluded fools.

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