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Monday, August 17, 2009

New News, I Think Not

So only about seven months into our new president's administration and things already fall apart. And we are back where we were. No health care, and cover up of torture for which we are to blame Rahm? I think not. Then news that well maybe we need to put our troops back into harms way in Iraq. Of course why would they be in the country if they were not to be put into harms way again?

Not having as much invested in the black guy as many, I'm not as unable to point the finger where the real blame lies as are others. Although I've said it before and I'll say it again: I really didn't believe that I would be voting for a continuation of the Clinton presidency in slightly (and by the way that is only slightly) darker hues, with no sex involved.

Apparently the democrats are even dumber than the French Aristocrats of pre-revolution fame who "learned nothing and forgot nothing." The democrats apparently learn nothing and forget everything.

I listened to the "smart" (scare quotations) people who told me that Rahm was conservative, but he knew the way infighting was done in Washington and would get Obama's programs through for us.

Ooopsie. Unless Obama's program was to give a lot of money to the very wealthiest people and to the people who have been completely wrong for the last several decades (and I'm not sure it wasn't) he hasn't really accomplished a lot.

Keynes said that in the middle of a depression if you buried money in bottles and paid people to dig them up, it would be better than nothing. Although he added there were much better ways of doing things. Apparently Obama only learned the first part of that admonition.

Has there ever been an American president who didn't love him some colonial wars? I mean once we'd managed to kill off most of our own indigenous people?

Meanwhile, no health care reform for the rest of us. The amazing election machine overwhelmed because the Obas didn't expect, what? They didn't expect that the insurance industry would fight to their last dying breath to keep their obscene profits. They forgot what Mencken said about underestimating the American public? Then they cave.

Jesus H. Christ. How come I live in East Dirt Bag, Ohio and I know all these things and the people who get big bucks don't?

Hey meet the new boss:


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