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Saturday, March 15, 2008

What the hell are politics after all

What are politics after all. I mean if I think that you should get a warrant before you listen to my phone calls and you think that you shouldn't, then where is the compromise. Or for instance, if you think we should invade another country and I don't then hey we ought to have a discussion about that whole thing don't you think.
It seems those kind of discussions writ large are what is called politics. So I really do think that bringing issues of war and peace and other important matters into the political area is really what living in a democracy or republic is all about.
If I think my country should go one way and your think that it should go another, then the way we decide the direction of our country is through the political process. Right? Otherwise, one side simply controls the power and doesn't let the other side put forth their position.
Oh wait.

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