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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Iraq again

Well I seen that the pentagon report is out and there is no link at all between Iraq and Al Quida. Although, apparently they both did know someone who knew someone. What a surprise.
Why do you think that I knew that sitting here in this little town in southeastern Ohio and none of those big shots in Washington did? Is it just possible that they just wanted to go to war because they wanted to go to war?
You know as cynical as I am I would have thought that they could at least have beat up on a 4th world power without screwing our entire country up in the process. Well it just goes to show how wrong I can be.
Well let's face it at least half of the voters in our country voted for a guy who has screwed up everything he has ever touched. And yet "reporters" still think he is just the greatest thing ever. How is that possible? I mean how stupid can they be and how can I get some of that money?

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