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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Preachers

Well I am not at all surprised about the whoha (is that two words?) concerning Obama's preacher. After all you can't really speak truth to power here in this country. You have to be white and a reactionary bigot with a mega church to attack this country ---- safely. You also need to be a reactionary white politician to listen and approve it without any down side, except dirty hippy bloggers pointing it out.
Ah well, to go sort of OT. Do you suppose that McCain's "experience" (it really does need to be put in quotes) consists of dropping napalm on civilians, being tortured (or was that harshly interrogated) while a POW, having his second wife buy him a senate seat, and using that senate seat to back (after pretending to speak truth to power) every reactionary thing the current president wants?
Incidentally, weren't the guys who got us into Vietnam and Iraq just chock full of experience.
Just asking.

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