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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trying To Get Heads Out Of Asses

So this is a nice place to review a lot of the arguments concerning the reason that the Keynesian's are right and those who drove our economy (and by our I mean the entire world's) into the shitter are wrong (again?, still? continuously?). It appears as though Japan is the waive of the future even though they screwed up their economy for a decade by following just these policies. Of course it also shows (looking back at the Japanese) just how stupid the electorate in a liberal and highly educated democracy really can be.

The businesses will spend millions/trillions what exactely? Defeat this president and this congress, neither of whom has done much, but enrich these very business and the voters will lap it up. The three quotes that come to mind are: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public, Mencken; There's a sucker born every minute, not apparently P.T. Barnum, and Never give a sucker an even break, W.C. Fields.

Those three saying taken together could and probably are engraved in gold somewhere in every corporate boardroom in the country. Certainly, the major political parties must have them some where engraved on their souls (if they have any). Although, given that I started by pointing to the Japanese perhaps I am being a little too parochial here and just not giving enough credit to the world influence of these ideals.

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