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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Nihilism

Crooks and Liars has a post up about NetRootsNation in Vegas and about the divide there between those who see Obama as mostly a sellout and those who apparently applaud him for his "realistic pragmatic" approach to governing. I started to read the comments and then realized that I had a ten year old DVD of Midsomer Murders to watch.

I went back this morning, and saw that there were nearly 200 comments and since I generally don't bother with threads that are over about 75, I'm probably not going to bother to read all the comments.

The post is a "one the one hand there are some people who think, but on the other hand there are other people who think differently" kind of thing. I guess it is interesting to see someone admitting that there is that kind of divide, but all I have to do is to go to Balloon-Juice and then to Firedoglake to see that kind of fight going on between one kind of liberal and another kind. Particularly, if one reads the comments sections.

One of the irritants of that post, is that if one goes to B-J and reads those comments there are a great deal of gratuitous swipes at FDL, but not so many the other way around. Although to be fair (and why should I do that?) I haven't done any real statistical stuff, it is more anecdotal, so I guess I could be wrong, but I doubt it. So I'm saying that it is a false equivalency and more or less like the MSM: He said, She said.

Essentially, I think that what is going on is that those who have put their trust in Obama and the Democrats have to believe, no matter what they do, that their trust has not been misplaced. The longer they refuse to admit what is going on the less likely they are to look at Obama's policies in a rational and critical light and therefore they continue to insist that we must support him, no matter what. That is what happened with Clinton after all. After NAFTA after GATT after gutting welfare leftists still went all out to back him in the 1996 election. I suspect that 2012 will be a version of "second verse same as the first" if one considers the first verse to be Bill Clinton. Whether the re-election of the president will be the outcome is another question.

Remember that the republicans are crazy and corrupt where the democrats are only corrupt. I think that those who continue to back Obama and the democrats think that is a good thing.

So all I can say is: Nihilists of the world unite.

UPDATE: So as soon as I write about the BS along comes Balloon-Juice.


Cujo359 said...

There are some intelligent comments in that BJ update.

OTOH, I almost get a kick out of people who call people with my opinions on Obama and the Democrats a "nihilist". They need to look up the word, and sound out all the words in the definition, then think about them awhile. It's not nihilism to refuse to do something that clearly won't work.

I suggest alternatives, as do many people who agree that we have an Obama problem. Yet, those illiterate cretins continue to bleat about nihilism.

How can we rule ourselves if we so many of us refuse to be educated?

Cujo359 said...

Oh, and on the "Republicans are corrupt and crazy" meme, I think that people underestimate Democrats. They're plenty crazy, too, they just don't talk about it as much. Anyone who thinks Social Security has to be "rescued" is fraking crazy.

lawguy said...

There is a quote from somewhere "He was not a nihilist for nothing." I'll buy that.

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