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Banned In China

Saturday, May 29, 2010


So that is what it means. My wife is back on Yahoo (with much more security)(if we told you we would have to kill you), but never to be permitted on Facebook under her former handle.

Friends who made the mistake of responding to the original emails, are still getting follow ups that are more specific and more detailed.

Her "christian" "friend" is still angry and calling to complain about getting the emails. We must get a land line to speak to her she says. My wife says that is no problem she will not be speaking to her in the foreseeable future. She will not be going into the book store, but will be buying things on the Internet instead of at a local place owned by a person who used to be a friend.

It is very strange, all our mostly not very computer literate (and christian) friends chuckle and move on but this person is still angry at us for compromising her. How she was compromised we have no idea, nor I suspect does she. Although she is now positive that her bank account and her adult children's bank accounts have been breached, no amount of reasoning can convince her otherwise.

Oh yeah, she has told my wife that if we lived a righteous life this would not have happened and we wouldn't have caused her so much trouble. Of course my response is one word: Job.

It is kind of sad since the previous owners of the bookstore were real wackallones who were more than willing to sell the Clinton murder tape and she is not willing to participate in that kind of silliness.

An absolute fear of something she does not understand and does not want to understand. So she blames the "victim." Although really not much of a victim and since the email was simply a request for money and since no one sent the money ............................. more of an irritant I'd think.

I guess the attack by her long time friend is what is so disturbing. I now see how people in worse situations were more than willing to turn friends and neighbors in to the police state de jour. Well I guess I do not understand why or how, but I see it happening.

Perhaps it is just because we watched Trumbo the other day that it seems to resonate. Frightened people.


Cujo359 said...

Sad as this is, it could have been a lot worse. This is one of the reasons I'm not on Facebook. It's not the only one, nor the most important, but they have a reputation for not being too careful about privacy there.

The Christian bookstore lady needs to buy a clue. Bad things happen to good people all the time. It's nothing to do with how pious a life you lead. I'd have told her she's right, I should have sacrificed a goat at the last full moon.

But then, I don't spend much time in Christian bookstores ...

Cujo359 said...
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lawguy said...

Nuts, I never think of things like that at the time.

I myself do not spend time at any Christian book stores, but my wife is kind of a Luthern/Catholic by way of the Harekrishna's. Once she explained that to me, I chose not to inquire further, as I was afraid.

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