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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hey Anybody Still Here?

God I hate Windows 7. There that is off my chest.

I've been trying to write this week and pretty much failed totally. The BW and I have had flu since about last Sunday morning when I felt queasy at breakfast and then it was down hill from there. I'd started to read Manufacturing Depression by Gary Greenberg and by the end of Sunday I'd gotten about 2/3 of the way through.

Went to bed and at about 3 a.m. both the BW and I woke up with aching stomachs and really aching everything. Things stayed pretty painful for the next 24 hours and then just exhaustion through and through. I was able to go into work for about 2 hours on Wednesday and another 3 on Friday. Couple that with the rains, it was as thought we were living in a tropical hell hole for the entire week, nothing but rain rain rain. Until I think maybe today (I hope cause the grass doesn't cut itself). Well today the sun is out which means the grass should grow like gang busters today. I expect that it will have grown back to this morning's length by the end of the day if we are able to cut it, since the sun as I say is out again.

The depression book is pretty interesting (or at least I think so) since his position is kind of close to mine: If you really understand life then of course you are depressed or at least melancholic. As the author points out particularly given the current never ending wars and the economic slow down (shut down for the lower 20% of the population) and the control of the government by the oligarchs or plutocracy whichever you prefer. The book kind of follows a history of the disease of depression in psychiatric thought, so as a history major it certainly interested me. The guy is better at describing the disease and its development than at suggesting ways out of depression and I kind of get the idea that he really thinks that generally depression or melancholia (or I think dysthymia) is a rational response to life, as I say.

Given the exhaustion as I say, I didn't finish the book until last night.

Oh well, time to tend my garden in a manner of speaking (that's lit. talk for mow my lawn).


Cujo359 said...

I think that if you're not at least a little down these days you have no idea what's going on, unless of course you're one of the folks profiting from it. There's such a thing as physiologically-induced depression, and that's a problem for those who have it. For the rest of us, feeling sad or lifeless much of the time is probably a sign that you need hope, or at least a vacation.

Glad you're feeling better.

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