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Banned In China

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So my wife's Yahoo and Facebook accounts have been hacked. Most of the people have either deleted the requests for money or called us and then deleted the requests.

However, one person, the owner of the christian book store in our town called the cops. Now the email said that we were in London and had been robbed and needed $1,500.00 to get home and gave a place to send the money. Most people either knew that we weren't out of the country or called or sent emails to see what was really going on.

However, one friend of my wife's, the owner of the christian book store freaked out. As I said she called the cops and then when my wife went in to the store to pick something up that she had ordered, she informed her that she (the bookstore owner) was now compromised and that we could no longer communicate with her either through email, facebook, or on the telephone (unless we obtained a land line). Further that she would contact the other law enforcement agency (the sheriffs department) if she got any other emails. My wife told her that she was concerned for the safety of our dogs (since cops were known to shot dogs) the woman said she didn't care.

I am kind of amazed. This is the only person who has responded this way, but I would expect that she represents a certain per cent age of people who are that scared of everything that they don't understand.

Explains a lot doesn't it?