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Banned In China

Monday, November 2, 2009

H1N1 or Swine All About It

Now this is interesting, thanks Sue. I wonder what the deal is with the Indonesians? Well assholes abound.


Susan said...

What the deal is with the Indonesians? Hmmmmm... if it were the US withholding life-saving information from them, it would be called the "free market." If they were withholding something that put the generals' lives in jeopardy (or merely made them poorer or less comfortable), we'd invade them for it.

I call it "negotiation." And the CDC/WHO obviously doesn't care enough about getting the cultures, to offer Indonesia access to any vaccine developed from it.

Susan said...

As I said...

Australia, one of the largest manufacturers of the vaccine, is an "egregious" offender for not turning its supply over to the USA.

Meanwhile, the USA, which had pledged to turn over 10% of its vaccine to developing countries, has reneged.

Susan said...

Then there's this, not that the sources are particularly trustworthy.

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