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Banned In China

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It is too bad the democrat won in NY-23, since a win by the republican would have meant that the crazy right wing would have been emboldened in republican primaries.

I'm kind of happy that the democrat lost in Virginia, because it shows what happens when we run a republican clone and the base stays home.

It is a tragedy that the marriage equity lost in Maine. How sad indeed. Why is it that we can't let everybody have those rights? Plus it would mean more business for divorce lawyers.

And then there is Ohio, the three constitutional amendments all passed with money from industry pouring in. So the second one was the worst. Now we have another bureaucracy of appointed people who will be able to set the conditions for more factory farms. The small farmers (those who are left) were convinced to vote against their interests as they (and other middle class and poor people) have so frequently in the past. Now the animals will have their lives made even more brutish and miserable. And the ground water run off from these places with their poisons, and antibiotics will contaminate the water we all drink, and especially those few family farmers left.