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Friday, October 23, 2009

Stars and Stripes

I have been looking at some stuff recently about our history of warfare. Think about Stars and Stripes the service[wo]man's newspaper has been around, off and on, since the Civil War. It was founded in 1861 and went out of business after that war.

It was reestablished for WWI and went out of that business after the war.

It was reestablished for WWII and is still in business. That is it is a paper run by soldiers who are in a shooting war and it has been up since World War II. Why do you think that is? We have I think been constantly at war since at least late in 1941. The latest kerfuffles in Iraq and Afghanistan are just that the latest kerfuffles. Given the guy in the white house we will be there for at least 7 more years. Eleven if he is a one termer and the guy who replaces him is a republican.

Oh yeah, it is a pitty that we don't have enough money for health care, any health care must be revenue neutral. I do so wish that any war would also have to be revenue neutral.