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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More of the Same

I am having a hard time writing about politics recently. The reason is that I keep seeing the same things happening and I keep thinking the same things about them. The people in charge of the democratic party: Venial or incompetent or both, take your choice. So no money to the DNCC or any other democratic committee I gave to marriage equality in Maine, and I anticipate giving to Mary Jo Kilroy in Columbus, who I think is pretty progressive and who I've known off and on for a couple of decades.

At any rate as Firedoglake points out the veal pen operated by the White House continues to gut and kill. So called liberal groups being placed into a (not so?) metaphorical pen to be slaughtered, or at least to have any real progressive proclivities removed (then slaughtered). The discussion at No More Mister Nice Blog was interesting (got to scroll down for "Emotionally It Works for Him), but it devolved into, I think, the question: "Obama venial or incompetent?"

I lean towards the venial part of the question, and I am pretty sure that the question is really just that. I would lean towards incompetent, except for the Veal Pen. The active attack by the White House and it's minions on those who are even a little progressive. Good lord, when republicans (who are not in congress) are openly for a robust public option, where does that put the president who is clearly not in favor of a public option and would have ensured that it wasn't even still on the table, if he had his way, and if the DFHs didn't continue to push for it in spite of everything.