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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Same As It Ever Was

I don't know about this political stuff any more.  It does seem like the people who are getting all the power may be just a bit, how shall we say, fascist oligarchs (or is that redundant?). In my defense I think that fascist is a broad enough term to encompass Dear Leader's policies (absent the night of the long knives, of course), if I may bow to the definition by one of the original fascists:  "You should call us corporatists, that is really what we are."  B. M.  As far as an oligarch, I point to the delightful Bill and Hill and their spawn who started her climb up the corporate ladder with a mere six figure annual income in her first job.

The scoops that Greenwald has engineered this last week are something that if one bothered to think about it at all one probably assumed that the government was doing without the explicit confirmation that is now out there.  But of course most people do not bother to think about it.  And apparently the Powers That Be are sufficiently upset that they are prepared to do something to he who leaked and he who published the leak.

Strange, why should they care.  People will forget or stop caring in a week or two, if they leave it alone.  Greenwald will be criticized for being too pure and too verbose.  Actually, the verbose complaint is kind of weird really.  I mean complaining that a guy writes too many words for you to read, is well kind of like admitting that the guy is too smart for you to understand.  Or maybe that reading isn't really something you do all that well, which since the people I've seen complaining about it are bloggers says something about the bloggers.

So the sophisticated among us are saying to those of us who are pissed, well you should have known why are you so surprised and so upset?  Kind of like the way they treated people who got angry with Obama for being a right wing ass hole.  "Well you knew it when you voted for him so what are you complaining about now?"  The usual suspects rush out to belittle those of us who are a tad concerned (and to be honest, who try to use these scoops as a teaching and organizing tool).  Fuck them.

I've been kind of down and sometimes I wonder if those who are depressed aren't the ones who really know the score, to coin a phrase.

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