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Banned In China

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aw Fuck

Mr. Snowden has disappeared.  Even though nothing he has released is new and nothing is anything other then we really "knew" if we thought about it it.  Still the Powers That Be are bent out of shape and people are talking about “rights”. And as far as I’m concerned that is a good thing.

Manning was a traitor and besides what he revealed wasn’t important, we all knew it any way. Snowdon is a traitor and besides what he revealed isn't important and we all knew it any way.

So perhaps this can be a teaching and learning experience? Except of course for those who know that whatever happens while Obama is president is just well, you know swell. Add them to those who will use it until their guy is in power and you have a word I hate, but seems to be as accurate as any I’ve seen: tribalism.

There is no possibility that these people will collect it all and than if you get important enough and big enough will locate it and let you know that if you push against the neo-con agenda too much; it will all be released. Nope no problem there. No worries at all.
By the way how long should a violation of my rights continue before I should just say: “Oh well, its been there for many a year, so I guess its no problem at all any more.”

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