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Friday, June 22, 2012

I"m Nearly There

Arghh.  I think I know what I did wrong.  Fighting with Linux/Ubuntu and with Android.  My only Microsoft computer seems to be experiencing early onset Alzheimer's.  Speaking of which:

Brought my Mom back from Florida and installed her in Primrose Retirement Community because she could no longer live by herself.  We got the call from her caregiver just the say after I posted last.  My brothers were going down for Mom's 90th and I wasn't, but after the call I cleared my schedule and flew down.  We had been looking around and found a place just literally 5 minutes from our house.  My brothers live in opposite directions from me about  five and six hours each.

Four days later I brought her back on a non-stop from Orlando to Columbus then an hour drive from Columbus to here.  She has been in the place for 9 days at this point and it is exhausting.  We have a friend who put both his parents in Primrose at about the same time and ran into him when he was leaving the other day.  He told us he was planning on hanging himself it was so stressful.  He would hang his parents, but he didn't want that much interaction with them.  I think he was kidding.

My mother has turned into either a 2 year old saying no to everything, or a 13 year old who will not be happy no matter what.  There is no, as my mother used to say about me,  pleasing her.  Payback?

My Mom wasn't eating or leaving the condo nearly at all.  She was forgetting to do the simplest things.  But at any rate I am exhausted as is my wife.  Come home and just stare blankly at the TV or right now where the TV was because we put the TV in my Mom's apartment.  Yes, apartment, about 850 square feet every inch usable.  I think there may be more usable area then is in my house.  One good thing that was to come out of this was that my Mom would get our old TV and I would get a newer and bigger one.  My niece said that she had a TV they weren't using which was bigger then ours so my Plan was for naught, curses.

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