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Friday, February 10, 2012

Somebody will indeed do it sooner or later
This post started by my reading alicublog and being disappointed in both the essay and the comments to the essay.  Followed that by reading Greenwald and then going over to Lawyers, Guns and Money where I read a comment on the Greenwald essay and then to read the comments on that (there are over 800 comments on Greenwald's essay, I can't bring myself to even start reading them).

Too much inside baseball?  Maybe, at any rate the commentators at alicublog, people who I consider to be fairly knowledgeable and progressive, were cheering the fact (they said) that Obama was lying about his beliefs concerning gay marriage.  They think that it is a good thing.  I mentioned that I was kind of queasy about that kind of bald faced lie (if that is indeed what it was), and was politely lectured to.  I was told that it was just necessary, don't you know.  It is a good thing.  At least for Obama at least this time.

Well I can certainly believe that Obama is lying since I think that he has lied more than any other president that I have ever known in my lifetime.  I will admit that it is possible that Nixon may have done it more, but since I never believed anything that son of a bitch said, I never paid any attention to it so I can't say how many actual lies he told.

Still to those people do not seem to know or perhaps care just how corrupt they have become.

As far as LG&M that is a different story.   The commentators there are rabid partisans, exhibiting what Greenwald calls tribalism.   For most of them it is simply impossible for Obama to do something wrong.  So the when it is pointed out that under the current law and executive policies Obama (or the president, if you will, whoever it may be) could claim that congress is aiding Al Quida and have them all indefinitely detained, in theory without explaining what the evidence is, the response is outrage.

Oh well perhaps I read a little too much Roman history in college.

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Cujo359 said...

My pet theory is that these folks don't want to admit that Obama may have committed war crimes, because then they'd have to figure out how to justify voting for him.