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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fine Whines, Why Do You Ask

Knowing more than I want to about the inside of a dog's knee right now.

And this is more or less what it looks like inside right now.
I've been very over whelmed recently.  I've kind of taken it out by remaking the visuals on the blog on a daily basis, a slight exaggeration, but not much.

Flying down to Florida to be with my Mother on Monday.  This was going to be a vacation with my wife, but it hasn't turned out that way.  Our chow has had to have ACL surgery.  Actually they don't call it that on a dog, but that is what it is.  She is the third dog I've had that has had to have this surgery, it is the fourth surgery.  One knee on the first chow, both knees on the pit and now hopefully just one knee on this chow.

Took her to Med-Vet in Columbus last Tuesday.  Got her there at 6:00 a.m. Then came back here to an all day custody hearing which didn't happen because one of the parents is deaf, doesn't use a regulation sign language and the interpreter said we would need two interpreters.  So that has all be continued for about two months.

The vet called and said the surgery went well, but our dog was "feisty" and we could certainly take her home that night which we did.  She was nuts from the anesthetic and not very happy for the next thirty-six hours. A mean drunk.   It turned out that the cost to us by bring her home was cut by $500.00.  There were times that Tuesday, that I think I might have paid them twice that to keep her.  However, as she came out of the anesthetic she got to be more and more like her old self. 

Now, according to the vet we will have to limit her activities for six weeks.  Some chance of that.  We have her on a long lead in the house and a short lead when we take her outside.  She is not a happy camper.  She feels fine and doesn't understand why she can't run and jump.  She can run and jump we just are not to let her do it.  The St. Bernard is freaked because she isn't being allowed to play with him.  Good god I should have kids it might be easier.  Thank god also, for pet insurance.

Unfortunately I have to go to Florida to visit with my mother who seems to be deteriorating mentally.  She refuses to bathe and refuses to wash her clothing because neither she nor the clothing are dirty.  She eats chips and sweets and won't eat balanced meals and refuses to leave her condo.  We have a person coming for two hours five days a week, who is cleaning her clothes and getting her healthy food, but at this point it looks like it will be assisted living, sooner rather than later, while she can still do it.  What that means is that we will have to get her up to Ohio some way and it looks like there is a good shot that I will have to be the one to make the final push to make her do it.  Well, as I told my wife it is just practice for me later on.

Oh yeah I see we're screwed on the foreclosure fraud settlement.  Boy is that a surprise.  Well it is kind of since I expected the AGs of California, Massachusetts and New York to hold out for something better.


Cujo359 said...

Besides keeping them indoors, which probably drove you crazy, it's hard to think of anything that will limit a dog's activity very much. On a leash, they'll pull and tug, which probably wouldn't do an ACL injury much good...

lawguy said...

Yeah, they have this video on the vet's site showing some dog just mildly walking with their owner without pulling or acting like they want to be somewhere else. Other people must train their dogs much better than I do.

Mine don't jump on people, bite people, or go in the house. And if I walk them often enough, they don't pull, kind of.