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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Saturday

Into the big city of Columbus for a Quilt show for the wife, reading for me, then the Gay Pride parade for both of us followed by Indian food.  Question from the wife who worked in a Hare Krishna kitchen for three years:  "Why does Indian food which is so cheap to make cost, so much in a restaurant?"

The fun thing about this parade was that she marched in the first one in Columbus thirty years ago.  The other fun thing about the parade in Columbus is that we stumbled on it last year (she has been living outside Columbus for some time and had lost touch with the gay community there) when I took her up to the Quilting Show for the first time, and the people at the show said that there was a parade outside, but we could just ignore it, which of course made us more interested.

This year was much better than last year and the anti-parade was less interesting.  All around a good thing. 
Joint Marshalls, the sign says it all

UPDATE:  I've been told that bible schools and church camps no longer have the kids do drawing and such of Noah because of the rainbow motif, apparently they are afraid that the kids will catch the gay.  And for some strange reason it brings this to mind:

God gave Noah the rainbow sign,
No more water the fire next time.

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