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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Blah

I tried to put this picture on three different ways.  It wasn't the picture, it was me.  Perhaps it is a good thing that I'm not in the office trying to keep my clients out of jail.
Day three of the kind of buzzed sinus infection week.  Started antibiotics on Monday and I really don't feel like I'm much better.  Are sinuses good for anything other than becoming infected and therefore causing me to spend money on my doctor and pharmacist  and the large pharmaceutical company that makes my drugs?  So essentially I'm being attacked by a neo-liberal corporatist disease. 

I am my own metaphor.


Susan said...

It's worse than that. Since most sinus infections are viral, the medical-industrial complex has suckered you into buying their products and services. Rest, irrigate, take decongestants, save the antibiotics for if you get a secondary bacterial infection - you can usually tell when you start to get better and then get worse again.

Anyway hope you feel better soon.

lawguy said...

shit, I was sure they were mostly bacterial.