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Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I Am Completely Unhinged About Obama

There is still a lot of stuff going on at work and I'm still doing a couple of people's jobs, but it does keep me out of the pool halls and off the streets, I guess. I've been thinking about trying to put everything down about why I think that Obama and the democrats are probably at least as bad as and possibly worse than Bush and the republicans. Worse because they make you think they will do some good and then...........

At any rate why I hate Obama and the democrats:

1. His vote on TARP, while he was the party leader and insisting that it be passed with no banking controls at all;

2. His vote on FISA, which to be fair to me caused me to stop doing anything for him for a couple of weeks, until Palin skeered me so much that I got out and actually worked for the son of a bitch again (my mistake).

3. His appointment of Rham, that guy who helped steer NAFTA and GATT through and lost the democratic party control of the congress for two decades (you can't fail, you can only be failed in big time politics).

4. Rick Warren, or as I lovingly refer to him the fat homophobe.

5. Summers, Geither, Paulson. The very people who torpedoed the economy. Oh yeah, let's not forget Secretary of Defense Gates the good Bush soldier.

6. Inaction on DADT and DOMA, except to defend them in the courts (when he didn't have to and appeal them when he didn't have to).

7. Total inaction on card check, thus assuring that it would not be passed. Now why is it that unions are backing him again?

8. Dawn Johnston and other recess appointments that he might have made while the republicans blocked his candidates including two union members of the NLRB, whom he ended up appointing only when he desperately needed union support for HCR (or the great pharmacy and health insurance bazaar give away).

9.Van Jones firing and his treatment of his long time pastor.

10. Shirley Sherrod (although to be fair here, the NAACP deserves at least as much contempt).

11. Walking back on his statements about the cop being stupid concerning Skip Gates.

12. A complete willingness to turn tail and run when any conservative or republican yelled boo (although to be fair that seems to be the current attitude of any liberal/progressive group [see 10 above]).

13. "Health Care Reform." I would say that this was a sell out to the industry, but I think that the phrase "sell out" refers to someone having a position that they then caved on.

14. The Stimulus, being half what it needed to be and by so doing causing people to believe that government spending can't really help them after all, no matter what the New Deal and WWII prove.

15. Out never ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his determination to continue them no matter what the cost.

16. His determination to control all funding for all advocacy groups on the left (and their willingness to go along with him).

17. His inability or refusal to lead.

18. His complete political incompetence, which is really surprising in the first African American president.

19. His complete ability to lie, to say that he is fighting for the repeal of DADT at the same time fighting to maintain it in court, or his promise to fight for single payer at the same time promising the insurance industry to prevent it from being seriously considered by congress, for instance. Now to be fair here, it might just be that the number of people on the so called left, who are willing to jump right in there and tell you that he couldn't have tried to do more because it just couldn't have happened no matter what might be what pisses me off the most.

20. His willingness to protect torturers at all levels (of our government only) and to completely deny any kind of due process to those arrested and held in our prisons on charges of terrorism. Well except of course to give these people trials if and only if he is sure that he can convict them and to announce that even if they are found not guilty he can still hold them for as long as he wants. Stalin would have been proud.

That is a brief list, in no particular order, of the things that cause me to feel nothing but hatred for Obama and the current crop of democrats. If I think of more things I will do updates as they come to mind.

UPDATE: Oh yes, I forgot.

21. Obama's complete and continuing lies (sense a pattern here?) concerning how he would encourage whistle blowers, and instead using every power at his disposal to crush them and anyone who helps them.

22. If I did not make this clear his embrace of the national security state in it most malignant form, which might just be a redundant redundancy come to think about it.

23. Cat Food Commission.


colette said...

Wanda asked me for an opinion but it's far too late for me to be pounding the keyboards so I'll get to it tomorrow at the library.

with "Emanuel" back here in Chicago, and in the 1st Ward where I get good meals from soup kitchens, it may not be too nice of me to open cans of worms but when has that ever stopped me, or have an opinion of the Axelrod things, etc.

colette said...

I think it was pretty clear, yea, I know, some of the poop needs clarifying, AND, to tell ya the truth, a lot of specific words could stand a revision BUT THAT JUST MY OPINION about YOUR OPINION, so what are we gonna do.

What was/is Wanda talkin' about?

I enjoyed 17 & 18 finally ending at the entire problem "THE CAT FOOD COMMISSION" Now let me go question Wanda about her confusion or ignorance.