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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Maybe Not A Horse Race After All

Thanks for the image Susan, I think.

I've been wondering for a long time why the republicans are so crazy about Obama. Now I understand that he is Black, but still it is the same way they acted about Clinton. I was an adult when Clinton was first elected and the insanity thrown at him amazed me at the time. I couldn't figure it out, and to be honest I still can't. Not that he was a great president, but that he was a complete corporate shill as were his people (like Rham). NAFTA, GATT, cutting welfare, weakening unions. Still the left fought for him beyond all reason.and the right attacked him far beyond all reason. I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I only know that because of Clinton and his relatively incompetant politics and policies we got a good 20 years of republican control of the congress and eight years of the worst president since at least Hoover and perhaps Buchanan.

Now we seem to be back in the same place and we seem to be repeating history. I'm not sure what Marx would make of it since the first time certainly wasn't tragedy, it was more like farce, god knows what that would make it this time.

I'm thinking that the general democratic campaign sloganthis year is: Vote For Me, Things Could Get Worse. I am sure that they can, but I have confidence in the democrats and believe that they can make things worse all by themselves.

The combination of the apparent cluelessness of the administration in matters political (leaving aside for the minute their actual competence, or rather lack of, at really governing) seems to be matched by the large liberal "independent" advocacy groups, like for today HRC. Of course that is just for today. The unions are out carrying water for the democrats even though, the issue that should have been make or break for unions was card check, and we all know that is going no where.

When the old Romans fought each other for the throne at least the supporters of the winner could expect to get some spoils out of it. We have I guess progressed beyond that as the supporters of the winner (at least if that winner is a democrat can expect nothing, except more promises).

The question I have is what are these people fighting for? The answer I have is that it is really nothing except money for nearly all of them, except for the craziest of the tea baggers. I had originally written personal power, but now that I think of it they have no real power that power resides in the corporations that own them.

So why the incredible amount of money spent of these elections? Damned if I know, unless the spoils really are distributed to different corporations depending on who holds the offices. And of course it is sort of bread and circuses for the rest of us (with out the bread of course).