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Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm Just Confused

Reading around the blogs today, I see quite a few defenses of Obama still from people who claim to be "progressive" (whatever that means any more). Defenses of his appeal of the DADT case and attempts to stay the enactment of the court's order.

Let's see: he's got to act like Jackie Robinson, he's required by law to appeal, if he doesn't appeal then whenever the republicans get power back they will be able not to appeal decisions they like, if he appeals then it will force the congress to get rid of it, he is just appealing to keep the case from being decided until after the elections when the senate will pass the repeal. All of the foregoing being bullshit, of course.

I'm not so sure that I much care what Obama's reasons are, his actions in this thing are in keeping with who he is and who he is isn't very nice or very smart. One would think one would try to be one or the other wouldn't one?

Nope, what I am more interested in are the people who write the articles and essays and comments attempting to justify what Obama is doing at the same time they are claiming that they are for repeal and that Obama is for repeal. It is just you know, that he has got to go against everything he believes in here, and health care, and Afghanistan, and torture, and TARP, and, HAMP, and abortion rights, and well whatever he does to screw the people who worked and voted for him. I cannot figure out how they are able to continue to delude themselves into believing that Obama is in any way even moderately liberal or progressive (sorry liberal is a bad word now isn't it?).

Now I understand about the so called liberal columnists who supported Bush's Iraq adventure, because they are simply part of the most corrupt ruling class we have ever had, and if they do not follow the approved script they will lose their place at the table (no matter how far below the salt they are).

The various different liberal lobbing groups are a little harder to understand (Veal Pen inhabitants though they may be), HRC being the most obvious today, although the others seem to be fighting for pride of place on any given day by trying to not ask (as opposed to demand like the NRA) for too much so they won't be disliked and they will still get their invites to those parties, I guess.

The hardest to understand are the regular people who put time, effort, and money into those groups and into the campaigns of Obama and other democrats. Not the bosses or the people who think they are the bosses at any rate. I would think that if you give a couple of spare hours or a few spare bucks to some advocacy group or politician then you would be the kind of person who would read and search out independent information and question why the people you gave that time and that money to aren't able to do diddly for you or the interests you hold dear. But hey that is just me. Watch out there's a scary republican over there who will take away that right to ........ oh never mind we just gave it freely to the democrat so we won't have to worry about it.

And yet out there they go. Aw hell.

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