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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Are We Ever To Do?

I've been thinking a lot about the recent dust up in Massachusetts.

I wonder about the concept that because us lefties attacked the preznit because we thought he hasn't been much but a shill for the various corporations we are to blame for losing the election there. I wonder who got that idea and how they got it. Which seems to be where No More Mister Nice Blog is (as usual you have to scroll down to Did Pro-HCR Voters Actually Put Brown Over the Top?)

I would respectfully suggest that the people who are making those complaints are full of it. When a candidate in a two and a half month campaign cannot be convinced to go every place she can go to shake hands and talk people up, on twenty hour days, who apparently takes a five day vacation in the middle of it, who makes fun of her opponent for shaking hands, but who can take an evening off to run to D.C. to get money from fat cat insurance and pharmaceutical types, she deserves to lose. Of course it is the rest of us who pay for this shit.

On top of this is the most inept White House national campaign group since Clinton (and which seems to have most of the same losers in it, by the way).

You cannot win elections by telling people that things might be mighty bad, but really you know they aren't as bad as they would be if the other people were in power. On top of that then you go out of your way to screw your base(let's tax previously nontaxable union benefits). You flat out lie and then turn around and grovel to the other side. I suspect that Obama was beat up a lot as a kid and they only way he could protect himself was to give the bullies his lunch money, because that is certainly how he is acting right now.

Finally, the average voter seems (gosh for what reason I don't know perhaps it is because he gives the corporations everything they want with no oversight or controls) to think that Obama cares more about Wall Street than Main Street (I know, I know it is jejune, hackney, and been uses over and over, but it is true). That is how people now look at him.

Look I am not demanding perfection. But a little bit of balls. Make those who oppose real HCR stand up and filibuster. Make 'em talk for 6 weeks. See what happens. But that assumes that Obama wants something that is kind of progressive, doesn't it?

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