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Friday, January 22, 2010

Time For Dinner

So I posted earlier, but I completely deleted it because it was nearly incoherent. It's my blog and I can do what I want, so there.

It was on the HCR push to force the House to pass the Senate version with no changes. I got it from Firdeoglake. The stuff from FDL is pretty depressing. I'm not sure what to do about it. I read an interview with Obama where he seems to be oblivious to what he has done to the progressive coalition that elected him, and seems to be oblivious to what happened he says we needed TARP and the Stimulus (yes I know he was "just" a senator when the first monies were shovelled to the banks, but he was the democratic leader at that time and he could have insisted on oversight with the bill as the price for his vote and he didn't. They were all passed with no oversight or control at all. In large part because of his efforts.

All over the web today on the left are arguments about whether or not to pass the Senate bill and fix it later. The ability of some people (even the great Krugman, I'm not in the mood to link) to kid themselves and pretend that the bill will be "fixed" later amazes. I guess not having any kind of reputation that relies on my political or economic predictions kind of makes it easier for me to back off my earlier positions. Although after backing off the prediction that Obama would be better than the alternatives, I've pretty much got to say I was right about most everything else.

Let me not go very far out on a limb and suggest that the democrats are screwed no matter what they do at this point. Not because it isn't possible (in some imagined world) to change course and accomplish things that will both help people and appear to help people, but because the bozos in charge will simply be unable (and more to the point probably unwilling) to do it. I would think that a competent embezzler should be able to graft the money from the dumb poor and shift it to his big buck buddies while making the rubes think that it is golden for them. Obama can't seem to do that.

I suspect that it would be better at this point that nothing at all be passed because by now the only thing that is going to come will place a patina of gilt gloss of a heaping pile of dog shit. And unfortunately for our democratic would be overlords people can currently see through this enough to blame them. In addition, I suspect that it will appear enough to prevent any real reform happening for quite some time.

So there you have it. A shit bill now and no real reform for some time because those in power will be able to convince enough people that that is all the reform you should get or have. Or no bill at all now and those in power will be able to convene enough people that reform is not wanted or needed.

So get ready to chow down cause that's all you're gonna get.

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