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Banned In China

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Now this is a blast from my past.  I remember being upstairs in a bedroom my uncle's and listening to this over and over (and over and over).  I suspect that the old place was so well built and insulated that they really couldn't hear the record down stairs.  There is also the fact that it was a farm and most everybody else was probably out working while I was inside goofing off.

I'd have probably been six, seven, or eight at the time and in that time and place the adults were out working and  the kids, even at those ages, were left on their own.  The only basic rule was that we not burn down the farm or cut off a major body part while the adults were out working.

Otherwise, we were pretty much on our own.  They did expect to see us during meals, and I would guess if one of us hadn't shown up they'd have begun to wonder.  But I suspect that we would have had to miss more than one for them to start worrying.  Closer to Huck then I could imagine when I was growing up.  I do feel sorry for kids now a days.

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