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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day or if you lived in the first half of the Twentieth century Armistice Day.

So the big military news is that the bestest general ever got caught with his pants down and had to quit his new job at the CIA.  Apparently Lincoln's advice to McClellan is wrong.  Generals no longer have to win wars or even battles to set themselves up as dictators.  Or at least to be considered by all the serious people as the next candidate for the top spot.

I no longer comment on people's Facebook posts when they tell me that I need to thank a soldier for my freedoms.  The reason being that they may have a family member who is a soldier.  Probably a higher percentage around here then nationally.  At least more then the Romneys who apparently are too busy with other matters like converting the heathens in Paris, I guess.

The point is that since the end of World War II, all those of us who served in the military have been are the muscle (as General Butler said in an earlier time) for our neo-colonialist corporate empire.  That's it.  Kind of sad really,

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