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Banned In China

Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh To Be in Prague Now That Winter Is Near

I think I need to use as my mantra the saying at the top of this blog: "I used to be disgusted now I try to be amused."  Thanks Elvis.

In reading about the Greek crisis I have a difficult time believing that the Greek people will permit the government to call for a referendum and then call it off to go with what the vast majority of the people do not want.  But there you have it.  I completely expect this to happen now and to go through with only "some" violence by the hot heads (do I need more quotation marks?).

This is the kind of thing that makes me feel that our own little Occupy movements will peter out and amount to nothing.  No violence no real bad manners because if either of those things happened then the Occupy movement would be discredited in the eyes of ............. just who exactly?  Those who matter I guess.

If there is violence it will be crushed with massive amounts of paramilitary police power.  Boys and their guns as we recently saw here in beautiful Muskingum County Ohio, give them a chance and they love to use them.

At any rate we have seen this same scenario play out in multiple third world nations over the last thirty or forty years as the IMF comes in to rescue the economy, starves the people and makes sure that some of the oligarchs and none of the foreign investors have to take any kind of a loss.   Wellllll, I guess we are all third world peasants now.

I was in discussion on a post on Lawyers, Guns and Money about the referendum a few days ago (its two or three or more pages back not worth going to any more really).   The original post was basically simply suggesting that the powers that be thought that a referendum was a little too much democracy.  The original poster kind of disagreed with them.  The comments were interesting:  too much democracy many said, things would be really bad for the Greeks if they defaulted on the loans others said.  Essentially:  TOO SCARY.  And of course, it is the Greeks' fault they essentially deserve this out come.  At least I think that was the implied conclusion.  It was suggested that the Greek government was able to hide its finances from the poor deluded bankers. 

Well now the finance minister jumps from his hospital bed and rushes to assure (I originally wrote insure, calling Dr. Freud) the German and French money men.  And the world is made safe for a few more days for our rulers. 

Time to defenestrate.    

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Cujo359 said...

Watching the excuses offered has been a sad thing, that's for sure. I don't think half the people arguing have looked into the history of national defaults, nor with the reasons the Greeks are really in the pickle they're in. They certainly haven't put themselves in the Greeks' place as people.

I'm reasonably sure that if it were cheaper and just as safe to bribe the tax man as to pay the taxes owed, we'd be in a similar fiscal boat, albeit with our own sovereign currency.

I still get hits on my blog by people wondering about how Greeks can get paid for 13 or 14 months. Answer here, BTW. I bet there are still people who think that somehow the Greeks are getting paid for fourteen months, but only working twelve.

I suppose there's some cause for optimism there. At least a few people bother to look it up...