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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bits And Pieces

So, once again I am really happy that I do not have cable and get all my news from the inter tubes.  I had no idea who Casey Anthony was until about ten days ago.  I wondered what the people on Facebook were arguing about. 

To be completely honest I did watch the Simpson trial and I was probably the only middle aged (at the time) white guy who wasn't on his legal team who thought he didn't do it. 

I was also privileged to watch a couple of minutes of Nancy Grace in the deli.  I understand that her fiancee was shot.  After watching her I suspect that he took the bullet on purpose.

So now all over Facebook people are posting shit about remembering little Caylee, if I may call bullshit.  Run after that shiny bubble while your country disintegrates around you.  Although, perhaps that is the way one should be right now.  Let's face it is it really worth actually watching while one's country burns itself to a crisp?  Well at least they are doing it all over the world, and we did not name one of our political parties "Socialist" and then get to watch them give their country to the banksters.  Well we get to watch our country being given to the wealthy, but at least it isn't being done by people who call themselves socialists.

So now it appears as though Willie Nelson's plea bargain has been rejected by the judge.  It is important to imprison people for smoking weed, in order that we may show the world that we care, about something or the other.  An asshole prick judge wants to get her name in the paper and I'm sure she will.  Plus we can watch this for a few days and see what happens while Obama sees what more the boys in the back room want.

I have seen people argue that Obama's position on DOMA and DADT show that he really is one of us, one who wants to see progressive things happen.  My response is to point out that neither of these positions costs any of Obama's big money boys any money, nor does it put any money in the pockets of people who need it.  As far as the "repeal" of DADT I say that Obama managed to do it in about the ugliest way possible and in fact it still isn't done (although apparently the 9th Circuit, may have decided other wise).  I'd suggest that Obama stepped in at the last possible moment and managed to delay what had been a quick and sure thing.  I'd also argue that Obama gave the military in essence a veto over what should have been an enactment of a civil right by either the executive and or the legislature (of course the legislature went along).  WTF, if I may, and I think I may.

I need to get busy on that screen play that will make me half a billion, since a million isn't enough any more.

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Hell of a world, isn't it?