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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No Voting For Me In 2012

Well fuck, I just got a response from my "liberal" senator Sherrod Brown, as I say it doesn't look like I'll be voting in 2012.

After I send him an email asking essentially WTF (without the swear words) is up with his signing on to this letter to Obama talking about using the Cat Food Commission's recommendations to reduce the deficit I get a reply telling me that just like a family the federal government must cut back in hard times, that he has co sponsored legislation that will prevent congress from getting automatic raises which will save $80 million dollars over TEN (yes 10) years and finally that he had voted for something called a sense of support for a balanced budget amendment (something I guess I should have known) for the Constitution. (I tried to copy the entire letter into blogger, but it would work and I'm not up to typing the whole thing over).

Now this is a guy who is considered one of the more liberal members of the senate.

It is as if the 1930s and 40s never happened. The truth of the matter is that we did indeed spend ourselves out of a depression with massive deficit spending and federal tax rates that were at 94% for the top marginal tax brackets. Although it does seem as though we have a larger deficit in standard dollars that we did after World War II. None of that matters, you can yell until you are blue in the face and they will look at you as if you are speaking Urdu in Dallas.

I suppose the other thing that should piss me off is that my original letter was clear enough on my position, he clearly had something come up in one of his assistants word checks that said deficit/budget or something like that and then sent the standard "Hey I am also a tea bagger" letter.

So I guess happy times are here again.


Cujo359 said...

That's often how the responses my congresscritters sent me worked. Whoever (or whatever) read my e-mail decided I was in this particular subject area, and I'd get what was essentially a standard e-mail back, which often had only a little to do with what I was writing about.

Odd thing is that of the three who represent me, the one who is best about making real responses, or dealing with constituent issues, is Sen. Cantwell, who is considered the more conservative Senator. My opinion of her is much higher than of Murray, I've got to say.

lawguy said...

I figure I got "Responce Number 53B4, or whatever, but what really shocked me is his being willing to take incredibly fiscally conservative positions.

That of course leaves out the $80 mil saved in 10 year thingy. Which indicates to me that he thinks all his constituents are idiots, or he is.