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Sunday, December 19, 2010


A couple of more thoughts about the repeal of DADT. First, the blind pig analogy. It really isn't possible for Obama and the congressional democrats to always fuck up all the time. And when there is a happy confluence of the wishes of the military industrial complex, the neo-liberals and their desires for more colonial wars, no money lost for billionaires and a major constituency actually withholding their votes; then perhaps something good can come out of this administration.

Then there is my other thought, (if I can be forgiven from fixating on the Millennium books) is the torture scene of Blomkvist from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (can't find it on Y0uTube) where the sociopthic serial killer offers Blomkvist a glass of water while taking a break from torturing him to death and Blomkvist thanks him. The guy then says: "See it is so simple, I offer you something that doesn'tt matter and you think that maybe I won't kill you now." Of course, he has every intention of killing Blomkvist and is openly contemptuous of Blomkvist's weakness in thinking that now maybe he will be ok. Just saying, not to imply that Obama is a sociopathic serial killer or that liberals are willing to take any offering from him as evidence of his humanity, or anything.


Cujo359 said...

Just saying, not to imply that Obama is a sociopathic serial killer

Oh, there you go not comparing Obama to a sociopathic killer. Boy, haters sure will hate now, won't they?

I figured you don't get enough visits from Big Orange, so I thought I'd provide their viewpoint, for balance...

Anyway, yes, you would have expected the Democrats to pass this, given the motivations you cited. Frankly, though, there are at least a few other things they would have passed, too, if they had any idea what their political future looks like right now.

IOW, you shouldn't feel bad for being wrong in the last article.

lawguy said...

At first I thought I was a little over the top, but the more I consider it all ............