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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Not Enough Time

It seems as if I just don't have enough time to do what I want to do and to sleep to.
Taking care of the quadrupeds and thinking about riding the bike again today. Perhaps not today its already after 3:00 p.m.
Once again my congressman, Zack Space, voted for the Republicans even though he has a (D) after his name. He voted to condemn for its Peterus ad. I sent him an email today asking him if he would also condemn Fox for running its piece today by Hunt attacking various unnamed generals as betraying the troops. (Look it up, I don't feel like linking to the scum.)

I am fully confident that he will either not respond, or whine that it is different IOKIFYAAR. It is amazing that the Democrats seem more than willing to cut their most impassioned supporters off at the knees while getting nothing in return. I guess I could sort of grudgingly understand a politician who attacked their supporters in order to gain a larger base of support. Also, I might have a certain admiration for a politician who attacked his base because he thought that his base was simply wrong on the facts. But in the latter case I would hope that politician would step out and be honest.

But in the case of the House and Senate votes to condemn that is simply not the case. These votes simply attack a group because they strongly call into question a general's statements. points out that the guy has been consistently wrong and has consistently been wrong in the same way. That is he has always been wrong in a way that benefits Chaney/Bush. Also, that his timing is more than a little suspect.

The votes, while they do not violate the First Amendment certainly show that this democratic congress has little respect for the ideal of a healthy debate on political issues. They keep throwing up (I think that would be the correct phrase) WWII, but of course that analogy simply falls away. There we were in a truly existential conflict (I've desperately wanted to use that phrase for a long time), here we are in a neo-colonial conflict and we are the neo-colonialists. We are in no danger of being over whelmed by radical Muslims. Anyone who really thinks so is simply nuts.

I simply cannot understand where we are in our country at this point. Since the end of WWII we don't seem to be able to argue the real merits of any foreign conflict, those who oppose these foreign entanglements have always been attacked as being unpatriotic and as being actively in league with those are government chooses to fight. As a poster at another web site said wishing for the destruction of our country.

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